The GerusAudio "A3" Series

A3 Series with 717A's


Shown with 717A's

A3 Series with 6SH7GT's


Shown with 6SG7GT's

Illuminated On/Off Switch


Looks even better in a dark room!

The Lundahl OPT's


This is the standard for the Gerus Audio!

Over the years I've used Hammond, Electra-Print, Transcendar and Pliton OPT's.

The only one that comes close to the Lundahl is Plitron, and they cost twice as much and take up 3 times the space!

You can't beat the Lundahl's for the Price!

Hybrid Power Supply


The high voltage power supply is a "Full Wave Bridge" using two solid state diodes with the 5U4G rectifier tube.

What is benefit of this?

By using a "Full Wave Bridge" rectifier the resistance of the power transformer is 1/4 of the traditional "Full Wave". The end result is an amplifier with a higher damping factor.

DC Heaters


The filaments of the input/driver and the power tubes are heated with DC...

Whats that mean?

"There is no HUM"