I have 2 amplifiers for sale at this time (08/15/2018)

T-Rex Reborn, 9.2 Watts, $1995 plus shipping

This amplifier was made with used Plitron transformers.

Please contact me if interested.

Note: 300B tubes not included


GerusAudio 300B, Designed for maximum tube life, $1695

NOTE: The 300B tubes are NOT included

If you want get the maximum life from your vintage or new 300B's, this could be the right amplifier for you! The 300B's are setup to run at a very conservative 42% of the maximun 36W limit.

For comparison, My typical 8 watt 300B runs at 60% of the max range. My 9 Watt "T-Rex Reborn" amplifier runs at 75% of the max.

Tubes Included: 2-6SH7's, 1-GZ34

Power: 5.1  Watts per channel before clipping

Output: 8R

OPT’s: Lundahl LL1664 60mA

Frequency Response: 11Hz - 66KHz -3dB measured at 2.2 watts

Input Sensitivity: 2.0 Vrms for 5.1 Watts into 8 Ohms

Hum: none

Size: 16W, 13D, 7.75H

Weight: 35 lbs.

Power Supply: 340VDC at 140mA

Valve operating voltages:

6SH7: 190V, -3V, 6.6mA (Triode Mode)

300B: 275V, -56V, 47mA

Coupling Caps: Jensen .22uF Copper/Oil

Power Supply: Two 80uF 500V Capacitors and One 7mH inductor

Shipping to lower 48 states only

Estimated shipping cost $60-$90

717A-6B4G Specifications

  • Power: 3.5 watts into 8R
  • Input signal level: .6Volts for full power
  • Frequency response: -3dB,  9Hz-49KHz, measured @1Watt
  • Output Transformers: Lundhal 3K into 8R
  • Coupling Capacitor:  Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil
  • Dimensions: 16.5W 12D 7.75H